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The notion of a Lithuanian cemetery belonging exclusively to the people arose early in the life of the Chicago Lithuanians, although practical steps began only in 1910 to implement the idea. Backed by widespread support, the cemetery became a reality on Memorial Day, May 30, 1912 in the presence of 6000 people.

The Lithuanian National Cemetery has proudly entered into its second centennial. Over many years of its existence it became a final place of eternal rest to over thirteen thousand people, who lived and strived, achieved and gained and as any human being had their moments of loss and suffering. This cemetery is a reflection of many generations of Lithuanian Americans who contributed to the growth of their New Country, while maintaining love and respect to their motherland and to the Lithuanian spirit and traditions.

Let us assist you with:
∙ Purchase of grave space for individuals and families
∙ Purchase of niche space in our granite columbarium
∙ Engraving on monuments
∙ Burial record search
∙ Natural/Green Burials

To learn more about pricing for graves and burials, or to schedule an appointment, please call 708-458-0638.